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How to buy the right suitcase and stop worrying about luggage transportation

When getting ready for a trip, it’s vital to think about how you are going to transport the stuff you are taking with you.

As it is commonly known, different airlines have different requirements for luggage and carry-on transportation, as well as significant overweight fines. Some carriers have the 30 kg limit, others – 20 kg, as well as there are those that always charge for luggage. Some companies also charge overweight fines, which is why the passenger better confines to carry-on only. But in this case airlines also regulate what passenger may or may not take with them onboard.

The popular Samsonite collections include items that take into account such versatile requirements of different airlines of the world. Yours is the carrier that has very strict weight and dimensions limits? Samsonite offers light and compact suitcases to fit every taste. Or you fly with a carrier with much more merciful requirements? Among Samsonite bags and suitcases there are plenty of large-sized models you are surely going to be able to choose from.

While choosing a popular Samsonite suitcase you are likely to consider a bunch of other factors. Worried that your luggage is very fragile? Choose a hard-box suitcase. You are going to face a number of transfers while carrying a considerable weight? Choose a suitcase with four wheels. Besides, Samsonite offers shoulder bags, laptop cases, backpacks – that is, all that can be deemed a carry-on. And these also are designed with consideration of different carriers’ requirements.

Anywayanyday clients have a chance to buy Samsonite bags and suitcases with a 20% discount. In order to do so, you need to buy a ticket or book a hotel and follow the suggested link on the search results page in the email or in your personal account to the Samsonite website. You choose a suitcase or a bag and indicate the anywayanyday order number in the special field. The order value will be re-calculated, with a 20% discount now.

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